What is cryptocurrency in words?

Nowadays everyone is seen talking about currency.
Just like the stock market, you get to see the rates of crypto currency in the headlines in the morning.
Try to understand crypto.
As the world is progressing, people are getting all the options for investment in it, one of these options is crypto currency.

What is the cryptocurrency

Crypto currency is actually blockchain technology based decentralized digital money This makes cryptography secure

What is the blockchain

In simple language, the block chain is a digital ledger account, only the user has the right to use it. This ledger keeps a record of transactions of some kind, in which money, home and acid are included. Blockchain rights are shared with users, the special thing is that the information available here is so secure that even its data administrated cannot be changed.

What is the blockchain

Centralize and decentralize money what is the difference Centralized money is dollar.
Decentralized money does not go to any authority If you also want to buy crypto currency
Centralize exchange and brokers or any person with whom it is found can buy or sell it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Crypto Currency

By the way, crypto currency is private and secure. It is decentralized and transparent as well, no one can tamper with its data. There are tremendous ups and downs in this, there is a lot of risk in supply and demand.
because of this Crypto currency ban in many countries

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