What is capitalism

Mankind on this earth had to pass through so many phase to achieve some progress. At some many point of time man had to adopt himself to some labor activities .Basically man is a social animal he can not live without society .As science and technology man started producing many devices according to his needs .In 18th century with the help of science and technology he invented machines

Till that time there was agriculture as prime source of income .And so far as socio-economic system was concerned it was the phase of feudalism .There were mainly two classes in existence .The feudal lords and the peasants .The feudal lords were the openers of the land and they used to cultivate the land through the peasants .But over a period of time this feudal system became atrocious enough .

They exploited the peasants in many ways .We can say there was a system of bonded – labor .The peasants toiled hard but they were not remunerated adequately by the lords .They were poverty-stickered .However ,with the advent of Industrial revolution in European countries particularly England the new era ushered in to new system replacing feudalism .In the new system replacing feudalism .I

n the new system much of the work was being carried out by machines .This was a new avenue for the suppressed peasants and the factory owners also needed man -power to run the machines to produce things .The basis of all the relation of production was related to the ownership of the means of production .Over a period of time ,due to the competition the mill owners started exploitation of the workers. The owners were greedy .They were greedy to earn more and more profit .And for the large profit they compelled the workers to work more and more .But they were relevant to pay them according to the quantity of their work .The payment was so much scanty that they ( workers ) could not satisfy their basic needs such as food , clothes and shelter .They had no voice to demand more remuneration .This led the workers to poverty .This class of workers ( proletariat )was almost poverty – strickend .

They became rich and richer .This socio-economic system led to create two classes due to economic disparity .They were always at loggerheads .The same structure was prevalent in developing countries .Thus the root cause of poverty was merely economic disparity


Karl Max analyses it scrupulously .And he discovered the studied and root cause of poverty ,and he with his friend Fredric Engels brought about communist manifesto in 1848 .He emphasized the importance of a new innovative formula .According to it the private ownership of the means of production caught to be discarded; and all means of productions must be owned by the society .And he Urged the workers “Workers of the world unite ,you have nothing to lose but chains .”His socialism is the first phase and the second and the last phase is communism .

The basic difference between the these two phases is as below in socialism “from each according to his ability to each according to his work and in the phase of communism it  is from according to his ability to each according to his need “This is transition .According to the Marxist philosophy .”Economic selfishness is the sole effective motive in human affairs .”And it is the truth .More men are more often selfish than they are generous .No doubt Maxx’s philosophy is scientific ,yet despite hunger problem in the world we selfishly ignore it .We are (many of us )obsessed with petty problems such as divinity ,religions ,nationalism etc .Unless we get rid of them there can not be any peace in the world .The root -cause of all our trouble is economic disparity .But we deliberately ignore it because of our selfish and political motivation .Let us sum up it with the Quotation of Kraal Maxx .”philosophers have interpreted the world in many ways ,but we have to change it “

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What is capitalism

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