History Of Cryptocurrency

Food, cloth ,house and money , out of all the transactions in the world, more than half of them are from cash. That is , if you get vegetables from your locality, go to your nearest shop to get ration or anything,
If we do transactions, most of those transactions are cash.
If we talk globally ,we spend a very important part of our life in earning this money.
Meaning , we spend a very important part of our life in earning this money.
Because we people have to fulfill our needs, our desire, some dreams, vi earn money to fulfil all this.
While we see a lot of good things in this money, due to which we earn it by living our lives ,
There are some drawbacks and some bad things in it. That is, this money can also motivate you in a wrong way, such as stealing or cheating on someone, It can even motivate you to kill someone. Before civilization , there were many forms of money , meaning if we had to buy something, Then we used to exchange the things we used to have among Ourselves. What we call barter system in today’s date While doing this thing and improving their shortcomings, Money was invented and in this way currency came into play and in these ways money was invented.

History Of Cryptocurrency

But the money that we are earning today also grew slowly and gradually it also has to end,
Which means that the power of that money is slowly decreasing. We can always feel that 10 year ago we could buy goods for $ 100 , today we can not get anything from that $ 100. So it’s means to say that the power of that money is slowly decreasing, so to understand this thing, We include the story in this article and through that we discuss how to manage all these things .can be done.

Once upon a time, progress was visible everywhere in the world, be it the stock market or business or job,
People were seeing their progress everythings people were living a absolutely risk free life and this is the year 2008.

History of Bitcoin

At that time suddenly such nudes start coming in some countries and the stock market there suddenly started falling, Which was touching the stock market all – time high back to back . Suddenly a 90 degree crash started coming in them . And this news spread fire globally and then in a country where there was no such situation, People started withdrawing money in advance for mother stock market due to which the economic of all the countries around the world went down. The businessman getting increment in the job , that increment and new vacancy where also stopped. So that situation turned exactly the opposite, all the big banks and institutions means that the big institution like A&P 500 also got their chart freeze . Do marketing is going down a lot so the situation gradually become such that all the money That was flowing in the market become stable at one place. Mini banks and business want bankrupt in the end the government had to bailout all this. Where did the situation slowly come form New here it comes to the year 2009, where Satoshi Nakamoto was developing a blockchain for long time . This is a laser technology through which it can be distributed to all the people in a completely transparent way, so that if we give $10 to someone here then that $10 goes in easy of all the validators there , then they have a done this blockchain of methods Designed . And here because of this Bitcoin was invented in this way because at that time Bitcoin did not eat this So big and they had no investor it was absolutely Initial condition. So people over there side it is okay it is going on the Side . Like in today’s date we SpaceX or we think about going to Mars , we hear these things going on and when we actually feel that we should go there and it is within over research or that thing If it is affordable or becomes , then we take action in it . But here we side for a long time because the sum things happened in the case of cryptocurrency, In today’s date we are active now we see every news and every moment accordingly we buy and sell. But all these things had started from 2009 and at that time people did not give it that much space But those who invested there in that time have become billionaires in today’s date because at that time in mining a block, you used to get 50 Bitcoin easily meaning you use to get it as a tip. What is that condition of the Shiba lnu as of today , meaning if your 50,000 Shiba in disappeared Somewhere along the way , Then you do don’t care that some situation was with Bitcoin in 2009 and 10 .
Now when did this Bitcoin start Bitcoin started at that time when the market condition was absolutely disaster. They year 2009 was going on globally and at the sometime Bitcoin was born their entire behind Bitcoin Ro one name whose name is Satoshi Nakamoto because it is written in their white paper .
The backbone of the cryptocurrency which is a today is bitcoin and if we go to their White paper
Then we come to now that it started firm 2008 and gradually it started Bing implemented in 2009.
In the meantime ,When Satoshi Nakamoto released this, after that no when was starting behind him so many people tried to clean that I am Satoshi Nakamoto . Birthday could not prove himself now let’s talk about the price history of Bitcoin. The price we are saying in today’s date is$20000 and if seen Bitcoin has also touched the market of $ 68000. But today it has stopped here at $20,000 but still when it started in the year 2010 , it was at a very low price at that time It took until 2011 to reach $ 1, which means one year and 4 months which means in the April 2011, it touched the price of $ 1 first time . And the competition that Bitcoin goat at the first time like today more than 20,000 crypto currency are roaming in the market but when Bitcoin was started at that time Bitcoin was running alone in the cryptocurrency market. And it was running so fast that it come under the attention of the people. Meaning it was in the easy of all those who wear at the forefront at that time because it’s volatility was very high at that time. The competition that eat got the first time was found 2011 meaning it got the first competition through Lite Coin. The second coin that come after Bitcoin was the light coin which was launched in the year 2011. In the month of October 2011 , Lite coin had given competition after that in 2015 ,Ethereum was launched, Which means the third coin for buying and selling which become Ethereum . So it took so much time where it coin alone kept gaining momentum, if we wish to keep it on hold at that time in our wallet when today we to could be enjoying it. Now due to the continue increase in the price of Bitcoin here it started coming in the attention of the people, So because of this the first time in the Bitcoin attached that thousand dollars market in November 2013

History Of Cryptocurrency

It was Constantly increasing its volume, transactions were getting bigger in it And Bitcoin started growing at such a speed that in 2010 it touched the market of 10000 for the first time . In December of the same year the path of $20,000 was also touched , meaning whenever do time for the hall wing comes , after touching the all-time in Bitcoin the dumb start coming again. And the dump that happened around 2017 and 18 was a historic dump for the people. Meaning that in the crush that happened at that time many government put sanctions on it . And in a way it was put on alert that if there is such a thing it is okay if it takes such a terrible dump, Then people at that time started to go about it very well. So it comes under the attention of the many people that it comes and dams so fast and at that time many actors also started investing in it if we talk about 2017 -18 The economic Times.

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