What is meant by Socialism?

Socialism is a political system which is mostly related to Socio-Economical policy of a nation.

In Socialism the main task of this theory is to elaborate ,a project for happy society which should then be carried out .

Theoretically ,the Socialism is the first phase of the communism .

Communism is the ulterior phase .Hence in order to understand the Socialism one has to study the basic principles of communism .

The idea of Socialism came in to being in the mid of 19th century.

Most of the developing countries adopted Socialism to achieve welfare of the people in their countries .

In those days many intellectuals from every of life were much impressed by the philosophy and ideology of communism across the world

.USSR ,China ,Cuba ,North Vietnam etc.

were the countries who adopted Socialism .But so far none of the socialist countries could reach to the phase of communism

which according to Karl Maxx which would be classless and the stateless society .

This is the reason many of us assume communism as on Utopian idea.

In communism, socialism refers to the transitional stage between capitalism and communism.

Socialism is characterized by the collective ownership of the means of production, where resources and the means of production are owned and controlled by the community or the state on behalf of the people.

This stage is intended to eliminate class distinctions and create a more equitable society.

In communism, the ultimate goal is the establishment of a classless society where all property is commonly owned and wealth is distributed according to each individual’s needs.

What is meant by Socialism


Advantages of Socialism?

Though Socialism to communism is a period of transition and many countries have adopted it yet socialism could prove itself to be a system which is better than capitalism .

Prima facie ,following are the advantages .

(1) People in these countries have equal status as in socialism there is no much economic disparity comparing to capitalist countries .

(2)No discrimination in respect of caste, creed and sex.

(3) No exploitation of employees by the employers .

(4) Socialism aims at “ Overall goods of many .”

(5) Socialism advocates secularism. This  helps to safeguard people of all religious faiths from religious hater.

(6) No place for casteism for socialism advocates social – equality in status .

(7)In reality ,socialism is that ideology in which there is no place for any religion ,caste ,communities on priority basis .

We could say it is the Government of the people by the people and for the people in true sense which is called “Democracy”.

History of Socialism?

The socialist ideas were put on a scientific basis in the mid 19th century through social struggle by millions of people .

We can trace out the history of its origination and development .

It has definitely the roots in earlier theories of Utopian Socialism.

Thomas Moor, Robert Owen ,Saint Simon ,Charles Fourier etc are known as Utopian socialists .

The present theory of scientific socialism is preceded by the ideas of these Utopian socialists.

However ,the Utopian ideas of socialism were the products of individual imaginations .

Anyway ,those Utopian socialism served as the ideological base of the todays scientific socialism .The concepts of “Scientific Socialism “ and the “Scientific communism “ mean one and the same thing .

The way of building socialism is the gradual transition to communism.


What could be a simple definition of socialism?

Socialism is the ideology pertaining to Socio-Economic system aiming at “Overall goods of many“.                                                                                                                                                                                                        


Could you explain socialism in one sentence?

Socialism is the political tool to bring about communism to get rid of capitalism accomplishing classless and stateless society.

What could be the future of socialism?

It reminds us of the famous version of Karl Maxx that communism wont take place unless and until capitalism reaches at its Zenith.

Can USA adopt socialism?

At this moment it sounds to be quite impossible .The USA has adopted the capitalistic system .Which is out and out against the concept of socialism.

Both are ideologically on the inimical terms .At least at this moment ,this possibility is not in the offing .It would be too early to predict it.

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